Seriously, where is everyone? People like Dr. Anonymous have been missing with reason, and Tidus had to commit to Adminly duties, Fangsylux hasn't been on for a while, Manus has barely contributed, but I don't know what happened to him. If I didn't add your name on my "missing" list, I forgot about your abscence because you haven't been on for ages. Blocked users don't count. There are probably more, so if you know a user who hasn't been on for a long period of time, notify me. Here we go:

Feel free to edit this page, by the way. Tell me if you are missing. XD Anyway:

Regulars (users who used to be on a lot but went missing)

  • Dr. Anonymous1

Very busy, no free time

  • TidusTehSacrificer357

Admin duties on Nier Wiki

  • FangSylux

Details Unknown

  • RC43

Details Unknown

  • Cloud342

Details Unknown

  • Manus812

Obtained Trilogy

Admins (don't you damn DARE ask me what an Admin is.)

  • Armantula513

Details Unknown

  • Fredirik


  • Hellkaiserryo12

Lack of access to page (no computer)

Tell me if you think someone should be added to the list. Remember, blocked users don't count. And feel free to edit yourself in the rare evenet that I am absent. Thanks.

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