• TheMG

    Thinking of retiring

    January 5, 2014 by TheMG

    I'm thinking of retiring from bureaucrat/admin of wikitroid. I've completely lost all my motivation for editing the site at the moment and I don't see it returning anytime soon. Its been a good run with you guys but I'm going to move on.

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  • TheMG

    This is a work in progress, it is sorta a long story. I'm going to write this in bits and pieces, like some sort of stupid series or something.

    OK, so I'm sorta tired of retyping the same thing over and over again, so I'll just link here whenever I allude to the incident.

    Last year, around this time Roy was banned for requesting a database dump. I'm not getting into this ban, this is a completely different story entirely. Anyways, during his ban, pretty much every admin but myself disappeared. Ex showed up now and again, but he had to use a 3DS.

    During this time, Roy contacted Insurgence, AKA Mod Guy, who was a known enemy of Roy. He created his plan sorta. To merge Metroid Wiki and Wikitroid, to do anti-wikia stuff, to become b'crat, and to …

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  • TheMG

    Might be less active

    June 25, 2012 by TheMG

    Due to my stupidity and how I pull out the charger out of my laptop, it sorta won't charge. It might be gone for a week, it might be gone for a day. I don't know. I probably won't edit as much on my desktop.

    EDIT: GREAT. A COUPLE WEEKS. It might come while I am going to the beach for two weeks. WONDERFUL.

    Please don't start C&C 2.0 or another conspiracy or something while I'm gone.

    EDIT: Hey look. They only sorta fixed my laptop. Not even a week later, it broke again. I'm on my Dad's laptop at the moment. Probably won't be on much until, sunday?

    I'm going home tommorrow. I haven't checked my email (sorry for bugging you FL on IRC about the patrol bug a second time), since I'm currently using my dad's laptop, and I don't want to log him off his …

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  • TheMG

    If you are a newer wikitroid user (if you don't know what monaco is, you probably qualify), I would like you to answer the following questions:

    1. What editor do you use, the visual editor or source code?
    2. Did you click on the links in your welcome message?
    3. Did you click on the links in the navigation menu next to the logo?
    4. Did you read the Help pages? (Note that these are out of date and need to be updated to also contain information about the visual editor)
    5. Do you know we have a forum?
    6. Do you know about IRC?
    7. Did you read our Policies?
    8. Do you know about the process for suggesting changes to policy called Requests for Comment?
    9. Do you ever check the Recent Changes?
    10. Did you read the FAQ and the Community Portal
    11. Did you read what admins are?
    12. Do you know abou…
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  • TheMG

    Bob is Mascot

    April 8, 2012 by TheMG
    would all like you to turn your attention to Wikitroid:Requests for Comment#Bob for Mascot. Bob is running for Wikitroid mascot, and needs your support. Please take the time to vote on the page, and on any other current RfC's.

    Any member of Wikitroid may participate on this page.

    EDIT: Bob is now the Wikitroid mascot! I have no idea what this means, but he is!

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