If you are a newer wikitroid user (if you don't know what monaco is, you probably qualify), I would like you to answer the following questions:

  1. What editor do you use, the visual editor or source code?
  2. Did you click on the links in your welcome message?
  3. Did you click on the links in the navigation menu next to the logo?
  4. Did you read the Help pages? (Note that these are out of date and need to be updated to also contain information about the visual editor)
  5. Do you know we have a forum?
  6. Do you know about IRC?
  7. Did you read our Policies?
  8. Do you know about the process for suggesting changes to policy called Requests for Comment?
  9. Do you ever check the Recent Changes?
  10. Did you read the FAQ and the Community Portal
  11. Did you read what admins are?
  12. Do you know about the requests for access page; where users can request admin rights, the requests for rollback page, and the page about Patrollers?
  13. Do you know how to access the full list of special pages? (It is Special:Specialpages)
  14. Do you know about the process for suggesting pages to be deleted: Wikitroid:Requests for deletion
  15. Can you think of any suggestions to improve the above pages, or how to make them more visible?
  16. Added on 4/29/13: Have you read the community messages in the corner of Special:WikiActivity? Have you checked them whenever they are updated (you get a small box saying "Community Messages has been updated")?

If you haven't read some of these, I recommend doing so.

Thank you.

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