Due to my stupidity and how I pull out the charger out of my laptop, it sorta won't charge. It might be gone for a week, it might be gone for a day. I don't know. I probably won't edit as much on my desktop.

EDIT: GREAT. A COUPLE WEEKS. It might come while I am going to the beach for two weeks. WONDERFUL.

Please don't start C&C 2.0 or another conspiracy or something while I'm gone.

EDIT: Hey look. They only sorta fixed my laptop. Not even a week later, it broke again. I'm on my Dad's laptop at the moment. Probably won't be on much until, sunday?

I'm going home tommorrow. I haven't checked my email (sorry for bugging you FL on IRC about the patrol bug a second time), since I'm currently using my dad's laptop, and I don't want to log him off his email. I'll check it when I get back, and I can use the desktop.

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