A new Metroid Answers Wiki has been set up at to complement Wikitroid. Currently, the site is under construction and needs to be configured and set up, so don't be supprised if things act weirdly. However, you can start asking and answering questions there immediately.

Note that all active Administrators had their rights duplicated onto the site, however inactive admins did not have their rights duplicated and must talk to me or another Bureaucrat to have rights replicated.

Metroid Answers Updates

  • 5/23/10: The site is up. MediaWiki:Monaco.css was imported, but I guess it didn't work. The sitenotice doesn't seem to work either. UPDATE 2: Apparently we would need to use MediaWiki:Common.css for the skin. However, I found another problem. Wikianswers removes the edit button from pages in namespaces such as MediaWiki, Project, Template, Forum, and possibly others.
  • 5/24/10: The Wikianswers widget now directs you to Metroid Answers. Two admins excluding the founder (FastLizard4) and myself, seem to have at least partially gotten the message by creating user pages there... Also: Angela, one of the co-founders of Wikia, imported the entire Category:Wikitroid at the main Wikianswers into Metroid Answers. This is all of the questions that were asked to Wikianswers through the Widget on Wikitroid. HOWEVER, not all of the questions are about Metroid. So we will need to delete all of the questions that don't deal with Metroid. Which hopefully won't be just me. UPDATE 2: Take a wild guess who did it... I am just messing with you people, no hard feelings. :)
  • 5/30/10: Somebody at community central told me that previously mentioned namespaces can be editted by enabling Edit pages on double click. That solves that problem.

Things We Need to set up

  • Skin... maybe...
  • Logo
  • Categories. How are we going to categorize questions?
  • What is up with the sitenotice?

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