The Space Pirates' cheap land scam was unsuccessful: only 50 cents was made, and it was off of only one person. So the Space Pirates decided to try something different...

I was walking down the street, and encountered yet another space pirate holding yet another sign. I said to him, "You aren't tricking me into your scam again Pirate!" However, it nodded its head in disapproval showing me what was on the sign. The sign had words on it. It had a total of 4 words to be exact. It also had a total 19 letters. It also... *audience looks at me like they want to kill me*. I have a feeling they want me to move on. The sign said, "Save the Space Pirates".

I was confused... so the Space Pirate decided to elaborate. It explained that the Galactic Federation encourages killing Space Pirates. What it is saying is that Space Pirates are becoming an endangered species. So, they are protesting the deaths of Space Pirates. I suggested that maybe they should stop stealling things first. Then the Space Pirate realized that their plan would never work.

So there you have it. Umm... yeah...

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