This is a work in progress, it is sorta a long story. I'm going to write this in bits and pieces, like some sort of stupid series or something.

OK, so I'm sorta tired of retyping the same thing over and over again, so I'll just link here whenever I allude to the incident.

Roy's previous ban

Last year, around this time Roy was banned for requesting a database dump. I'm not getting into this ban, this is a completely different story entirely. Anyways, during his ban, pretty much every admin but myself disappeared. Ex showed up now and again, but he had to use a 3DS.

Roy's stupidest idea ever

During this time, Roy contacted Insurgence, AKA Mod Guy, who was a known enemy of Roy. He created his plan sorta. To merge Metroid Wiki and Wikitroid, to do anti-wikia stuff, to become b'crat, and to get rid of admins who might get in his way. These admins included Ex, FL (who Roy hated deeply), and myself. However, Insurgence didn't really have much against wikia, and would have received nothing for helping. Plus, he was as mentioned an enemy of Roy. However, he didn't immediately tell us because he wasn't sure we would believe him. After all, he had used sockpuppetry to get around his wikitroid ban before and again "enemy of Roy." So he decided to go along with it to collect evidence.

How we assumed good faith

Tune in next time

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