What's your favorite Metroid music?

So.. What's your favorite Metroid soundtrack? Mine is the Torvus Bog theme. I just want to meet the community/socialize here, since I'm kinda new. Leave your answer in the comments!

EDIT: Here are all the tracks I like: Brinstar theme (Metroid and ZM. Classic, got to love it!), Tallon Overworld 2, Phendrana Drifts, Chozo Ruins, Torvus Bog, Torvus Bog submerged temple/Red Brinstar (This theme has something... Makes me feel, weird in a good way), Lower Norfair/Magmoor Caverns, Rundas battle, Gandrayda battle, Metroid Prime 1, 2, 3 & Trilogy menu theme, Crateria (Super Metroid), SR388 (Metroid ll. A complete master piece, haven't heard it? HEAR IT NAO ), Metroid Other M menu theme, and Ridley's theme. The other tracks are awesome, but this are my favorites.

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