• Trace X

    Kriken Chronicles

    September 10, 2009 by Trace X

    I am Kriken Alpha 26-0045 code name Trace X. This is the day I leave the Kriken colony Krik sub-section Gamma. It is my time to leave my clan, the Krikors, and search for a new world for the Krikens to conquer. My first stop was the GF planet Bryyo. As soon as I landed I knew something was very wrong. There were no signs of intelligent life on the radar. I quickly climbed up a strange looking stone giant and looked around. My war experienced eye took in one thing as I looked. Disaster. But of this mess of a landscape something peculiar caught my eye. A strange blue meteor in the distance. In my report I knew I had to include key landmarks like this so started to move toward my ship and stopped. Something was very wrong. I felt like I was b…

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