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    You’re an Emissary for the Chozo, the most powerful race alive. You have come to a lonely colony of miners and machines. You have come because of prophecies, of an incredible power capable of saving galaxies, that must be found urgently before a dark time arrives.

    Then you meet a 7 year-old girl. Untarnished, out of place. She brims with spunk and spirit, but her only destiny is to swept and enlisted to serve as yet some other military grunt by the time she hits 13. First annoying, then you pity her, but you realize there is nothing you can do.

    She is Samus Aran.

    You’re an adopted daughter of a wealthy man, who has returned from his last long journey. And with it, he has brought a lone survivor of the atrocities he saw there.

    She was once bloo…

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  • Tuckerscreator

    Today in “Uncovering Metroid”, we get into the REAL meat of things: The story! And this film’s story has been a LONG time in writing.

    Format-wise, my script is divided into 2 acts, to use an expression, pre-Mission and During-Mission. Avid readers of my blog should know already that the first film’s plot follows through all of Zero Mission and that’s what these two acts cover.

    Act 1 is divided into 3 sub-acts of its own: 7 years old, 14 years old, and 21 years old. In explanation, these are the ages that Samus is in each three acts of Act 1.

    Sub-Act 1 takes place on K-2L, but concludes itself on Zebes. It chronicles the Chozo’s arrival there, the subsequent Pirate attack, and Samus’s adoption into the Chozo nation. Currently, it is most well-…

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    When writing a script, it becomes hard to remember all the things you have planned. It’s difficult to remember the order of events, and it’s easy to get going with some great new idea only to forget it seems out of place, or that it contradicts some rule you had already set beforehand.

    And then there’s the quality of the scenes. Writing in your head, you develop a tendancy to just replay the fun ones over and over while others just turn stagnant. Then you forget to fix it up in any way and when you do finally return to it, you’re supremely embarrassed at how the scene is so supremely BAD!

    The below is a list of every single scene in Metroid. Obviously, it’s going to need some cutting down! The first 7 scenes already reach half an hour, and t…

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    Today, we look into another more important aspect of my script: the story and the scale! Let’s start with a little summing up and then an explanation of what is to come.

    Currently, there are 7 films: Zero Mission, Prime, Prime: Hunters, Return of Samus, Super, Fusion, and the final film which remains yet untitled. But they all serve up to lead up to Samus’s ultimate quest: her journey to restore the Chozo as the rightful rulers of the races and bring peace to all the warring races.

    And what shall the depiction of those be like? Let me give some concrete descriptions.

    From a universe perspective, this film’s scale is VERY LARGE! From the ravaged dunes of a mining colony to the deserts, oceans, and underground cities of Zebes, and even to our M…

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    Since I was MUCH too impatient to wait a whole 'nother week for whole ‘nother blog post, I figured I might as well just start up again and go along! If you haven’t read my previous entry before now, please do so and exercise your God-given right to vote!

    Now, we have already established before now as I write this that I am working on a script for a Metroid film. An entire series, in fact. In the following weeks, I'll be giving detailed analyses of all my current concepts characters, while you guys give me feedback on what your opinions and expectations are. But for now, let's start with a discussion of the eponymous film.

    The idea for a Metroid film came to me roughly three years in the early summer of 2007. It was pretty simple at first, I wa…

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