I want to become a filmmaker. A director. And I know that no director should live in a hole and make movies that way. That way, you only invent creepy things that scare everybody and likely please nobody but yourself.(Manos: the Hands of Fate.)

MPH Hunters

What would make a really cool Metroid movie poster

Movies are to be analyzed. They are to be studied. A cake would taste far more delicious if you knew how each ingredient worked with the next. Otherwise, you'll stuff youself, too happy to stop and die.

"Oh well, since I'm going to die

I might as well have one more piece of pie.

Chomp, oh, my...

Gulp, Slurp. Bye."

But rambling like this serves no use on its own. I could just as easily talk to myself and achieve the same effect if I just want to vent. No, I need to hear from YOU guys. You guys are the people who watch the movies. Does it matter if you made the movie if nobody watched it? If one guy noticed something subtle, is it still a failure because nobody else got it?

Samus' Ship in space

What would make a really cool opening shot for a Metroid movie

So let's go on this road trip. And it will be a fun ride. I'll drive. But somebody's got to pack the lunches. NOT ME!

(For reference I'm going to put all the notes I can think of here so I don't forget. Titles and order of topics subject to change.)

1. The Bug on Peter Jackson's Shoe

2. The Stork Brings Idea's Too?

3. The Gruel of Writing

4. But It's Real Life!

5. Child Actors

6. *Maybe* It's Bad.

7. I Have Seen the Future and It's Just Like Now.

8. How Faithful must An Adaptation Be?

9. I've Got Something New Here!

10. I Fell In Love!(Again!)

11. Why *WOULD* I Want To See My Own Movie?

12. Studio Executives Are Your Friends


14. Batteries Not Included.

15. Scathing Tell-All-Autobiography

16. For a Clownfish, He's Not Really That Funny

17. Revisionist History

18. Actors: Someone You Hire Because You Can't Do It Yourself

19. I'm In 3-D!

20. Beethoven's 33rd Symphony.

21. He's So Hot.

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