• Vommack

    Not to simply disagree or anything, but I've always thought of Hunters as the low point. Why? Well, let's see...

    • A completely and absolutely random storyline that sounds like it was scrapped together in an hour or so. You've got a whole backstory that functions excellently, so why just throw it away and put something in that's explained in one-line scans of no detail?
    • Oh yeah, the one-line scans didn't help the game much.
    • The control scheme. It cramps your hands up. Very badly.
    • Every single boss is a carbon copy of another one with maybe one thing thrown onto it. See one boss, use one strategy. See the other, use the other one.
    • The other hunters. With the exception of Sylux, who's of interest as of the secret ending of MP3, the rest of them pha…
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  • Vommack

    But, I'm doing it anyways...seeing as ULF 2 was named Bob, ULF 9 seems to be a Splinter, I am naming ULF 11....

    See? I can give random names to stuff too.

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