A type of vegetation is first found on SR388 in Metroid II: Return of Samus. Appearing in Area 1 and 2, it consists of clusters of damaging briar-like constructs. Samus can blast them away to stop the damage by shooting them, but in some cases the floor will still be damaging. They are described as bushes in Nintendo Power walkthroughs of the game.

A similar obstacle, if not the same, appears in Tourian in Super Metroid, in the barren wasteland-like area of Tourian. They are referred to as barnacles and do not damage Samus, but merely block her path, yet can easily be removed with weapon fire. Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide states that it "...may have been secreted by some vile life form, but it's not really clear why it exists." Because of this, it is possible that this substance is some sort of material excreted by Metroids, as it is found in both the Metroid-filled caverns of SR388, and the barren area inhabited by the baby on Zebes.

The substance makes one more appearance in Metroid Fusion. However, it is the result of overgrowth in the Reactor Silo, and will disappear once Nettori is destroyed. Fusion refers to it several times as "vegetation".

They do not make a return in the remake Metroid: Samus Returns, although a similar obstacle known as Red plants do appear.

Official dataEdit

Nintendo Power issue 31Edit

"The bushes are loaded with damaging thorns. Blast them with your beam if they get in the way and you'll weed whack 'em. The liquid can't be blasted."

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

At point A, and beyond point A, you will encounter areas that are encrusted with an extremely odd barnacle-like material. The substance may have been secreted by some vile life form, but it's not really clear why it exists. To clear a path and get through it, just blast it."

Fusion dialogueEdit

ADAM: Save Rooms and Recharge Rooms are now back online, but with only auxiliary power, no elevators or hatches will work. Without the main silo online, we're still stuck. I believe the source of the problem is the vegetation you saw earlier choking the Reactor Core components. Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

We'll have to find the source of those roots to proceed.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Prior outage caused by plant roots in core. Investigate.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Source of plant roots treated. Plasma Beam ability absorbed.


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