Ventilation Shaft (Phazon Mines)

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The Ventilation Shaft is a room in the Phazon Mines, in the game Metroid Prime. It consists of a half pipe, where Samus can use Boost Ball to get into a tunnel leading to Elite Control. The first time this room is accessed, Puffers will emerge from vents in the ceiling, filling the air with their meta-viprium gas. This will continue until an Interface Module in the Control Room is scanned and the ventilation fans are activated.

Connecting roomsEdit



Ventilation shaft energy tank

Ventilation Shaft's Energy Tank.

Energy Tank
When Samus acquires the Power Bomb, she must plant one on a Bendezium gate located in the center of the half-pipe near the Omega Research door, follow the Morph Ball passage that it uncovers into the Control Room and scan a control panel. This activates a ventilation fan, pushing the Puffers and the toxic gas into a vent. The Puffers inevitably collide with the vent panel and destroy it, revealing the Energy Tank.


Ventilation fan
"Ventilation fan is working at minimal level. Activation of vent system will bring it to full power."
Ventilation fan (2)
"Ventilation fan is functional, but offline. An activation panel must be nearby."
"There is clear air flowing from this Bendezium grate."

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