Vesper Defense Outpost (also called the VDO) is a space station in Metroid Prime Hunters. It is the third or fourth place Samus visits, depending on whether she chooses to go to here or Arcterra after visiting Alinos.

Complete Map of the Vesper Defense Outpost: [1]

The OutpostEdit

Ajones ice station

Andrew Jones

As scans of the computer console in front of the landing platform in the VDO Gateway (shown above) say, The Vesper Defense Outpost was an Alimbic munitions dump which was kept at sub-zero temperatures to prevent reactivating fusion-powered weapons systems. Other, more powerful weapons were held in places like the Fuel Stack in shielded antigravity suspension beams.

In the absence of the Alimbics, however, many of the VDO's containment units lost structural integrity, leading to a perpetual coating of frozen weapons fuel around the station. As with all Alimbic areas visited by Samus in the Alimbic Cluster during Metroid Prime: Hunters, it has a number of cybernetic security devices (listed above) to guard it in the Alimbics' absence, as well as aliens who have infested the VDO.

Official dataEdit


Vesper Defense Outpost

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

VESPER DEFENSE OUTPOST is situated on the outer edge of ALIMBIC territory. Serving as a refueling station and munitions dump, subzero temperature is mainted to prevent overheating of fusion-powered weapons systems. Structural failure of fuel containers has resulted in a vast radioactive spill into space, leaving toxic and explosive fuel frozen to the sides of the structure.


"This small base once operated as a refuelling station. It has been abandoned for a long time. A toxic fuel leak has frozen over the station."

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In Greek mythology, Hesperus (Greek Ἓσπερος Hesperos) (Roman equivalent: Vesper cf. "evening", "supper", "evening star", "west"), the Evening Star is the son of the dawn goddess Eos (Roman equivalent: Aurora) and brother of Eosphorus (Ηωσφόρος Eosphoros "dawn-bearer"; also Φωσφόρος Phosphorus, Lucifer "light-bearer", Iubar), the Morning Star. Hesperus' father was Cephalus, a mortal, while Eosphoros' was the star god Astraios.


  • The VDO shares many differences from the other territories in the Alimbic Cluster. It has the most countdowns, is the only territory to lack Energy Tanks (likely tying into its status as a munitions dump), the only territory to have two Alimbic Artifacts in the same room on two occasions, and the second visit yields no new upgrades for Samus.

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