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Noxus, a Vhozon bounty hunter

The Vhozon are race of highly intelligent beings who are known for being famous peacekeepers. The Vhozon have high self-esteem and think of many others as being unworthy or criminal. However, Vhozon have contributed much to galactic society. One Vhozon is Noxus, who appears in Metroid Prime Hunters. They most likely have highly insulated skin, as their homeworld, Vho, is subject to sub-zero environments. An evolutionary adaptation of this species is the Vhoscythe, a spinning secondary form used to keep warm, as well as being used as a weapon.

The Phrygisian Bounty Hunter, Rundas, shares similar abilities and body plan with Noxus. Their species' relation had been dismissed by Nintendo employees prior to the release of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, however.

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