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Visor cutscene glitch

A glitch occurs in Metroid Prime when obtaining a Visor after Sequence Breaking or using a cheat device such as an Action Replay. This is only known to be featured in the Nintendo GameCube version of the game and may have been fixed in New Play Control! Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime Trilogy. In the cutscene, the Samus model is a disfigured mess, with only the Arm Cannon remaining intact due to it being a separate model. The botched arm presses Samus' visor as normal and the Visor flashes, making the sound of the respective Visor (Thermal or X-Ray). Worthy of note is that Samus' face is present on the outside of the model. This glitch features only if the Fusion Suit is enabled. It is possible that the glitch is the result of rushed programming by Retro Studios, who did not refine animation for the Fusion Suit in the visor acquisition cutscenes.

A demonstration of the glitch can be found here: [1]

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