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Volfons[1] are a species featured in Metroid: Other M. Seen in the Cryosphere, they somewhat resemble sabertooth cats, except their scythe-like tusks are curved upwards, they have three legs, and they have eyestalks like snails. They attack Samus, often in groups of 3 or more, by ramming into her. They can absorb and deflect most attacks aimed at their horns. A charged ice blast can freeze them by their back leg, at which point a single Missile will finish them off. As their similar name might imply, they behave similarly to wolves. This is furthered by their howling cry and secondary attack of jumping at Samus and biting at her.

Nintendo Official Guidebook for Metroid Other MEdit

"Volfons are wolf-type creatures which charge and tackle Samus. They never appear alone, but almost always in numbers."


  • Volfons may be inspired by kamaitachis, Japanese yōkai thought to be a trio of weasels that appeared in a whirlwind to cut their victim. In the Chūbu, Kinki region, they were seen in snowy regions. Like kamaitachis, Volfons also come in threes, are found in a snowy region, and attack with wind.



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