The Vortex Outpost is an unknown location in space. It is mentioned in the Fall of Zebes Pirate Data entry, where it is said to have been the location that the Frigate Orpheon docked at after Tourian and the Space Pirate Mother Ship on Zebes were destroyed. Presumably, this outpost is close to Tallon IV.

Fall of ZebesEdit

Fall of Zebes

''Metroid Prime''

Logbook entry

Log 09.992.3

Zebes has fallen. All ground personnel are presumed dead, either killed by the Hunter clad in metal or in the subsequent destruction of the underground facilities. Our research frigates Orpheon, Siriacus and Vol Paragom were in orbit at zero hour and managed to retreat. Frigate Orpheon is now docked at Vortex Outpost. Orpheon's cargo appears to have a 100% survival rate: Metroids are healthy but on restricted feeding schedules due to uncertain supply status. We are ready to begin research on the Metroids and other promising life-forms. Security status remains at Code Blue: no signs of pursuit from the Hunter.

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