War Wasps are airborne insects first seen in Metroid Prime on the Frigate Orpheon as a Space Pirate specimen. They rarely stray far away from their hive unless pursuing an immediate threat and will often attack without any regard for its survival and can incapacitate most small organisms by injecting them with toxins from their stingers.

Chykka of Dark Torvus and Gragnols of Bryyo are very similar in appearance and behavior, but not known to be related. The various creatures spawned from Fly Pods in Metroid: Other M also share similar behaviour and biology to War Wasps.


Metroid PrimeEdit

Metroid Prime HuntersEdit

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War WaspEdit

Prime Trilogy Promotional War Wasp Hive Chozo Ruins Main Plaza

Samus battles a group of base War Wasps and their Hive in the Main Plaza, Chozo Ruins.

MPH War Wasps

War Wasps in the Echo Hall, Alinos.

Samus first encountered the standard War Wasp on Tallon IV: Having made their homes in the long-deserted Chozo Ruins on the planet's surface, they were positioned high on the food chain. Like their cousins, War Wasps are extremely aggressive and territorial, and will go to great lengths to protect their hive; even attacking other organisms they deem a threat without provocation. A singular war wasp will "scout" the surrounding Hive area for food. If another creature wanders too close, this recon Wasp will shriek loudly and quickly return to its native Hive, and summon its brethren to attack the intruder. War Wasps do not seem to exhibit any signs of intraspecific competition; many different Hives can exist within close proximity to each other in harmony.

There are some common war wasps found in Metroid Prime Hunters. They are in one room on Alinos and one room on Arcterra.

Ram War WaspEdit

The smartest species of War Wasps that reside inside the Hive Mecha. They emerge from the Mecha in small groups when threatened and circle their enemy at high speeds to disorient it. As a single intelligence, they can take out huge organisms with their tactics of striking from all sides.

Barbed War WaspEdit

The most aggressive species of War Wasps, with the evolved ability to launch its stinger at prey, which can be propelled up to 20 meters. The stinger tip grows back in seconds and contains an acidic compound designed to predigest prey. Barbed War Wasps live in Hives above the Incinerator Drone in the Chozo Ruins. Barbed War Wasps return in Metroid Prime Hunters along with blue and red breeds, which live in frozen and fiery environment, respectively.

"Aether" War WaspsEdit

War Wasp Crop

An Aetherian War Wasp

War Wasps reappear in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, but are much different than their Tallon IV counterparts. These types of Wasps can shoot weak energy blasts from their stinger; this is most likely making up for the absence of the Barbed War Wasp, which are not present in Echoes. It is implied that PFC E. Denys was killed by these organisms due to his corpse looking down a hole containing these organisms.

Dark War WaspsEdit

Dark War Wasps are War Wasps that have been possessed by young Ing eager to join the war effort on Aether. The Ing often graduate to the control of larger and deadlier creatures if they prove their mettle in the War Wasp. Like the normal versions, the dark versions can also shoot weak energy blasts from their stinger. They are more aggressive and shoot faster than regular War Wasps. Dark War Wasps are found in two locations: Temple Grounds - Service Access (after killing Chykka) and Ing Hive - Vault Attack Portal.

War Wasp HiveEdit

War Wasps use organic fluids they secrete to weave a protective Hive, which they use for rest. Though safe from most predators, missiles can destroy them, forcing surviving Wasps to rebuild the Hive. In Echoes, they can be destroyed by a charged shot.

Official dataEdit

Metroid Prime Logbook entryEdit

WarWaspScan1 WarWaspHiveScan
Barbed War Wasp scanpic

War Wasp

Temporary scan

Morphology: War Wasp
Airborne insect equipped with a venomous stinger capable of shearing steel.

Logbook entry

The War Wasp rarely strays far from its hive unless it is pursuing an immediate threat. It attacks with no regard for its own survival, dive-bombing its enemy with stinger extended. Fast-working toxins from the stinger can incapacitate most small organisms.

Scan imagesEdit

Metroid Prime Hunters Logbook entryEdit

Mph war wasp

War Wasp

Logbook entry

An aggressive flying insect that will vigorously defend its territory. The royal jelly of the War Wasp queen is so highly valued that hives continue to be harvested on Aether in spite of a shocking death toll.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Logbook entryEdit

War Wasp

Temporary scan

Morphology: War Wasp
Cunning aerial hunter.
Airborne insect equipped with a venomous stinger capable of shearing steel. Target can fire blasts of energy at foes.

Logbook entry

The War Wasp rarely strays away from its hive while it is pursuing an immediate threat. It attacks with no regard for its own survival, dive bombing into its enemy with stinger extended. Fast working toxins from the stinger can incapacitate most small organisms. If it battles foes at range, it will fire blasts of potent energy.

Metroid Prime Pinball manualEdit

"Beelike creatures that like to attack in numbers."

Official Metroid Prime websiteEdit

"War Wasps rarely stray from their hive unless pursuing an immediate threat. They attack with no regard to their own survival, dive-bombing enemies with stingers extended. The War Wasp's large abdomen hold fast-working toxins capable of incapacitating most small organisms.

The War Wasp is a flying insect equipped with a venomous stinger capable of shearing steel. The War Wasp uses lightweight wings to quickly fly through the air, guiding itself with long antennae."


  • The War Wasps are similar to the bee in that they emerge from Hives and have a queen that reproduces the species and feeds on royal jelly.
  • The abdomen of the War Wasp is similar in appearance to that of the Plated Beetle.
  • According to former Retro Studios tech lead Jack Mathews, the AI that controls the War Wasps was the second to be programmed during the development of Metroid Prime, after the AI for Beetles.[2]


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