War Wasp queen

The War Wasp queen is the insect responsible for breeding the War Wasp species in their hives. While mentioned once in Metroid Prime Hunters in the War Wasp Logbook entry, the War Wasp queen is never shown in any other game with War Wasps, no matter how many wasps are let out of their hive before it is destroyed (most likely to protect itself). The Logbook entry for the War Wasp in Hunters states that "The royal jelly of the War Wasp queen is so highly valued that hives continue to be harvested on Aether in spite of a shocking death toll." which may indicate the damage done to the planet by Phazon or the violent behavior of the War Wasps. If the former, then this constitutes the only reference to Phazon in all of Hunters, which is vastly unrelated to the Prime series as a whole.

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