Watery Hall Access is a room in the Chozo Ruins in Metroid Prime. The collapsed walkway provides passage across the toxic water that covers the floor in the main room. Either side of this, two short tunnels lead to either door, one of these containing a group of Shriekbats.

Connecting roomsEdit



Missile Expansion
At the lowest portion of the main area in the room, a Brinstone wall that can be destroyed with a Missile provides access to the expansion.


"Violent breach in floor's structure caused large-scale collapse."
Second box
"Toxicity levels elevated. Analysis indicates proximity to source less than 300 meters.
"That which fouls the waters seeks the sun."
Second Holobanner
"Truth awaits you in a sacred hall."
Third Holobanner
"The Great Poison comes from Tallon's core."


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