Weapons Complex (Level) 1
Weapons Complex (Level) 2

'Weapons Complex is a level found in the MPH Multiplayer. The Weapons Complex is based on the room of the same name found in the Vesper Defense Outpost in Metroid Prime Hunters Adventure Mode. The Weapons Complex has a low gravity in exposed areas, but in sheltered areas, the gravity levels are normal (perhaps controlled by an artificial gravity creator of sorts). The arena is relatively big.

The Weapons Complex is not a stage available by default. Fourteen local games must be played before the Weapons Complex becomes available.


Weapons Complex (Level) 3
Weapons Complex (Level) 4

Battle/Survival/Prime HunterEdit

The Weapons Complex's hallways are just the right width for Noxus's Vhoscythe Alt-Form, allowing him to make wide slashes at Bounty Hunter opponents who have made the mistake to cross his path.


Any hunter who tries to get close to an Octolith-carrying Sylux can be zapped by the Shock Coil and lose energy at a steady rate.


The arena's Node Rings are on small platforms. By using his spinning attack in his Dialanche Alt-Form, Spire can knock opponents off the platforms and into space.


Spire and Sylux are able to reach the very top edges of the map in the main area in their Alt-Forms. This is excellent for sniping or getting sniped with the Imperialist.

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