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Website Intro Movie

The Website Intro Movie is a term for the trailer that plays when entering the Metroid: Other M It can be selected for viewing on the site at any time in the "Media" section.

The trailer starts off with Samus detecting the Baby's Cry and entering the BOTTLE SHIP before she encounters the 07th Platoon. Gameplay clips are then shown, such as Samus targeting a Ghalmanian in Search View, killing Super Zebesians shortly after being authorized to use the Wave Beam, confronting the Biological Experiment Floor Kihunters, swinging into the Blast Furnace Observation and dodging the Vorash, and finally performing an Overblast on a Cyborg Zebesian in Sector 3 / Pyrosphere (in the room where the Ice Beam is authorized). The trailer ends with a clip of the pre-Ridley battle cutscene where Samus searches for what she does not know is her nemesis, but a clip of a Desbrachian replaces him.

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