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Wing S. Cho is a Seattle-based game designer formerly of Nintendo Software Technology. He worked there as a lead game designer and production coordinator from 2002-2013 and was responsible for overall game design, wireframing, tuning and story/game text. Cho served as one of two project coordinators for Metroid Prime Hunters, as well as a designer for the game's wi-fi features. Cho was also involved with the studio's Mario vs. Donkey Kong titles. He previously worked at Rockstar Games. Cho is currenly the owner and game designer at Design Fun Games, LLC, a consulting company. He also designs classroom technology for Recurrence, Inc. and for InteractCE. On July 12, 2015, Cho tweeted in response to the death of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata: "I am in shock. My favorite memory of Mr. Iwata was being on stage with him at GDC for Metroid Prime Hunter. It was a honor to work for him."[1]

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