These are the items that appeared in the Wrecked Ship.

Major ItemsEdit

Gravity SuitEdit

From the top of the area outside the Wrecked Ship (only accessible after the power is restored), Samus must navigate a corridor with a floor lined with spikes (obtaining the Grappling Beam prior would be wise). At the end of the corridor is an upright Chozo Statue. She must enter Morph Ball mode in its hand, at which point it will activate and trudge through the spiked floor, bringing Samus below the chamber and in front of a door, which leads to the Gravity Suit.

Energy TankEdit

Samus must shoot open the roof in the area of the Ship that leads to the back end of Crateria. Through the door at the top Samus will find a large, half-flooded room. She must use the Kzan platforms and Grappling Beam blocks to reach the Energy Tank in the hands of an upright Chozo Statue on the other side of the pool.

Reserve TankEdit

In the chamber below the upright Chozo Statue that leads Samus to the Gravity Suit, under the door to said item is a fragile piece of floor. Bombing it exposes a tunnel that leads to a Missile Tank. Samus must knock all Work Robots into spike-lined pits and then lay a Power Bomb near the wall. She must then Shinespark up a shaft at the end to find the Reserve Tank in an alcove. She must take care when getting this item, as a Pit Block directly in front of the item forces her to restart.

Missile TanksEdit

Missile Tank 1Edit

When the power is off, Samus must drop to the first door on the right in the main shaft, and then to the platform on the left below. Bombs must be used to reveal a corridor with motionless spikes and conveyer belts. The Tank is at the end.

Missile Tank 2Edit

Through the door at the top of the main shaft, Samus must kill all Atomics and Kihunters in the room, then go through the door on the right. In the following corridor, Samus must knock all Work Robots into the spike pits, and then go to the end of the hallway to find the Tank.

Missile Tank 3Edit

After the Chozo Statue takes Samus to the Gravity Suit, Samus must bomb the floor under its feet and knock all the Robots into the spike pits. The Missile Tank is at the end.

Super Missile TanksEdit

Super Missile Tank 1Edit

Through the first door on the left side of the main shaft after Phantoon is defeated.

Super Missile Tank 2Edit

Directly opposite of the previous Tank's room, Samus must bomb the base of the wall and go through a door into a corridor. At the end, she must use a Power Bomb to open four tunnels in the wall. The second one up from the ground leads to this Tank.

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