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It's definitely my X-ray scope. This scope allows me to reveal secret passages on the planet of Zebes. This planet has tons of hidden caves and I need to find these if I want to defeat the Mother Brain.

Samus Aran

The X-Ray Scope (Xレイスコープ Xrei Sukōpu) is an exclusive item found in Super Metroid. It allows Samus Aran to see hidden passages and reveal destructible blocks, a similar function to the Power Bombs used in Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission. It is found in Brinstar. Note that the Scope will initially "freeze time", making all present movement halt. However, any countdown timers and game timers will continue running as the Scope is in effect.

Official dataEdit

Super Metroid manualEdit

"This item allows you to see hidden passages."

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

"The X-Ray beam eminates from the visor."


There is a glitch which allows Samus to make 'clones'. First, she must have the item before the X-Ray Scope is equipped (usually the Power Bombs or the Grapple Beam). Then, using the Speed Booster, Samus must run until she starts to glow and then clones of Samus will appear behind her. Once that happens, she can switch to the X-Ray Scope and the sprites behind Samus will follow her every movement until she lets go of the button.


  • In the Super Metroid manga story Peeping, Samus accidentally sees two Etecoons engaging in foreplay using the X-Ray Scope.
  • The X-Ray Scope is the precursor to the X-Ray Visor of the Prime Series. Chronologically, however, the X-Ray Visors were the first to be acquired by Samus.
  • The X-Ray Scope is one of three items in Super Metroid that is not used in Metroid: Other M, the other two being the Spazer Beam and High Jump Boots.
  • The X-Ray Scope is achieved through means of Mode 7 scaled rotation. That is why hidden objects are revealed through layering and some ambient items like hanging plants, bushes, and rocks disappear because they are non-solid object layers


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