Survive as long as you can against creatures growing in ferocity. Exterminate the Xenomorphs before they exterminate you.

Survivor description

Xenomorphs are a mysterious creature encountered in the Survivor mode of Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt. The term "Xenomorphs" is used in reference to this creature as well as Tallon Metroids and Zoomers, but this article only covers the first creature. They are similar in appearance to Mochtroids with a single green nuclei, and do not actively engage Samus.

Xenomorphs levitate around the area with their two pairs of fangs; the larger ones are extended outward from the sides. They will twist their bodies to disappear, and then reappear. Of the three creatures encountered in this mode, Xenomorphs are the easiest to kill, only needing two Power Beam shots to dispatch them.

Metroids are also referred to as Xenomes by the Space Pirates in Metroid Prime, such as on the Xenome Containment Unit.

The Xenomorph description is likely a reference to the Alien film franchise, from which Metroid took much inspiration. In this case, it refers to the titular Alien creatures in the films, which are also referred to as Xenomorphs.