Xenoresearch B is a room in Eastern SkyTown on Elysia. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room is composed of connected corridors lined with containment units, many of which hold a Phazon Metroid. Locking mechanisms are in place and prevent access to certain areas of the room. These mechanisms require the Seeker Missile to unlock. The room contains multiple narrow tunnels accessible only by small objects. A separate corridor leads to the Energy Cell providing most of the pod's power. Samus has to remove it to get the Seeker Missile, but doing so turns off the lights and removes the shielding of the containment units, unleashing the Phazon Metroids.


Connecting roomsEdit


Energy Cell ID: GC-9713N-5
At the end of the series of corridors.
Seeker Missile
In a containment unit next to the Energy Cell.


Locking mechanism
"Locking mechanisms activated. A simultaneous blast to all targets is required to disengage locks"
Containment unit
"Containment unit online. The pod's power source is keeping the unit's energy barrier active."
Talloric Alloy
"Panel integrity at critical. Talloric alloy has weakened. Concussive blast may damage it."

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