The Xenoresearch Lab is a room on the G.F.S. Valhalla in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room consists of various debris throughout the room, some of which can be shot with Missiles. When Samus shoots the debris, they will be destroyed and Phazon Hoppers will jump up from the bottom area of the room and attack Samus. Once Samus defeats them, she can move to the bottom of this room and find that the power generator is offline. If Samus places two Energy Cells inside this generator, a Ship Missile Expansion will be revealed in a Morph Ball tunnel but will be pushed by a certain "air current". Samus must "chase" this Expansion through the Ventilation Shaft and then finally catch it in MedLab Alpha. Two Fuse Hint Scanbots are present in the room. A Federation Marine corpse is found in the tunnel, but cannot be scanned since it is inaccessible except with the Morph Ball. Despite this, it does have a scan.

Connecting roomsEdit



Xenoresearch Lab Valhalla Missile
Ship Missile Expansion
See above.


Power conduit
"System analysis complete. Power conduit is not energized. Flow capacity at zero."
Security shutter
"Security shutter's structural integrity is at critical. An explosive blast could probably destroy it."
Energy generator
"Energy generator online. Power sources locked in place. Output capacity at 100%."
"Paneling is sealed shut. It could probably be torn off if pulled with enough force."
Federation Marine
"Target is deceased. Scans determine asphyxiation to be the cause of death."
Olympus-Class Battleship (present only if not scanned in Security Station)
"The Olympus-Class battleship is the first Federation capital ship designed to use an onboard Aurora Unit. They are the flagships of the fleets they serve in, usually commanded by an officer of flag rank. Battleships of this class have smaller crews than most ships of a similar size to due the presences of the Aurora Unit. The space saved in crew support is used for more battle systems. The enormous vessels are powered by Fuel Gel, making the scarce commodity of extreme value to the Federation military."

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