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Yasuhiko Fujii

Fujii's profile in the Nintendo Official Guide Book for Super Metroid.

Yasuhiko Fujii today

Fujii today.

Yasuhiko Fujii (born October 23, 1969 in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese former programmer at Nintendo, who specialized in programming enemies. He programmed enemies for Super Metroid and The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls. For Super Metroid, he specifically programmed the minibosses. His favorite film is Jurassic Park, and he cleared Super Metroid in 2:40. Asked in the Japanese guide's developer interview for a secret of Samus that only he knows, he said: "Samus has no secrets. The enemies have a few secrets." As of 2016, Fujii is an executive at Freemind Inc., a Kyoto-based web, mobile and server development company. Fujii holds a diploma in computer science from Kyoto Computer Gakuin, which he received in 1991.

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