Gold Pirate

Yellow Space Pirates in Super Metroid (Lava Lake.

Yellow Space Pirates are a class of Space Pirate in Super Metroid. Samus Aran encounters them deep in Ridley's Lair. They are the second-strongest type of Pirate ingame, as it takes a direct hit with a fully charged Plasma Beam shot (uncharged Plasma Beam shots are reflected), nine Missiles or three Power Bombs to destroy them. They can be killed instantly with the Screw Attack, however. They jump from wall to wall very fast, often damaging Samus if she is in the way. Mysteriously, the Silver Space Pirates that lurk several rooms away from Ridley himself will turn into Yellow Space Pirates on occasion; this is the only time that they are vulnerable. This species is not to be confused with Gold Space Pirates encountered by Samus in Metroid Fusion, which also guarded Neo-Ridley.

Curiously, a wall-climbing Yellow Pirate is weaker than a wall-climbing Pink Space Pirate.

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