Yumee as it appears in Metroid II: Return of Samus.

Yumee (pronounced "you-me") is an enemy from Metroid II: Return of Samus. It is a species of animal found on SR388. They are limbless creatures with segmented exoskeletons sporting a single ocular organ at their front. The end of their bodies features an orifice with flames constantly erupting from it. These flames, seemingly created through a biochemical reaction, enables them to fly through the air; they can flex their bodies in a downward right angle or keep themselves aligned straight in order to propel themselves vertically or horizontally, respectively.

They are similar to any Air Hole-based bioform from Zebes, as they continuously emerge out of vine-like crevices on the ground and proceed to ram Samus with the horn located above their eye. They accelerate as they speed toward their targets. They can be harvested for Energy or Missile Ammo, but after 10 Yumees are eliminated, a "click" noise will be heard, and they will no longer spawn from that specific crevice.

Yumees share traits with Ripper IIs and Trippers from Zebes.


"This creature will pop out of the ground and try to sting Samus with its sharp thorn."