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Yutaka Saito

Yutaka Saito is a Japanese designer who leads the cinematics and design teams at Team Ninja. He was the art director of Metroid: Other M, alongside Takayasu Morisawa.

The Iwata Asks interview[1] regarding Other M included Saito, who provided details about his involvement with the game. It started by reading the scenario drafted by Yoshio Sakamoto. Saito's first impression was that it delved deeply into the thoughts and feelings of the characters. This was taken into consideration when creating models for the characters. Saito joined Project M several months after it had started.

Saito heard rumors that Sakamoto-san was a "really stubborn person" and was nervous about meeting him, thinking he would be doing the grunt work of the project. However, Sakamoto proved him wrong, treating him as an equal. By the time Saito joined the project, the game's concepts were established, and he was able to begin putting the game world together. Saito also provided constructive criticism for cutscenes produced by D-Rockets, and recalled eating lunch, dinner and even "the next day's breakfast" during meetings. He also recalled that the disc capacity became an issue (Other M uses a dual-layered disc), as by the end of the project, the developers were adding more content to the game.