Zazabi (also known as Pogo, Cyclops-X and Giant Plant in the Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide) is the second boss Samus Aran faces aboard the Biologic Space Laboratories research station in Metroid Fusion.

Zazabi resembles an enormous one-eyed sea medusa with a transparent outer shell and five sensory appendages on its "head."

As Samus enters the boss' chamber located in a steep room in Sector 2, she witnesses a Core-X combining with several X to mimic the Zazabi's shape and form. The organism attacks by jumping across the room and then slowly flying down on Samus. As it is flying down, its mouth, located on the bottom of its body, opens up. When the mouth is opened, Samus can fire Missiles or charge shots into it to damage it. If Samus is grabbed by the plant's mouth, she gets caught inside and is forced into her Morph Ball form. She is then pulled through its body layers to the top to be fed on. She has to lay multiple Bombs depending on its health to be freed.

With every two or three missiles that hit, a layer of the plant's body disappears. Once all the layers disappear and Samus fires the final Missile into Zazabi, it will transform into a Core-X. After defeating the Core-X, Samus gains back her High Jump and Jump Ball abilities.


  • Zazabi's form is similar to that of a Human cone cell, notably found in the eye.
  • When Samus is imprisoned in its mouth, it is reminiscent of the battle against the Queen Metroid in SR388 in which they both required the use of Bombs to escape from their maws.
  • Advanced weapon upgrades acquired through hacking do not harm Zazabi.

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