The Zeta Metroid is the fifth stage of a typical Metroid's life cycle. They appear as enemies in Metroid II: Return of Samus, and have a minor appearance in the Restricted Lab of Metroid Fusion. It morphs from the form of a Gamma Metroid, and does so by shedding the previous form like a butterfly sprouting from its chrysalis. The Zeta Metroid has a very different structure from the previous three forms; it gains a bipedal structure with a tail, and its limbs become clawed. The head is separated from the rest of the body by a short neck. In the place of a Gamma Metroid's beak, the Zeta Metroid grows a leech-like mouth. The Zeta Metroid is much smaller than a Gamma Metroid, and gains quite a bit of maneuverability. It also gains the ability to spit large globs of a damaging fluid of some kind; most likely a form of enzyme that is designed to predigest prey before consumption.

Samus Aran encountered three Zeta Metroids during her mission on SR388.

Official dataEdit


"Multiple mutations will cause a Metroid to continue to grow into an even larger and more powerful adversary."

Nintendo Power issue 31Edit

"The fire-breathing Zeta Metroids are equipped with armor on their lower bodies. You'll only hurt them from the side."


The Zeta Metroid is much quicker and more maneuverable than its last form. Samus can no longer cause damage by firing missiles from underneath; the creature's front and behind are the only two weak points it has. The Metroid spits damaging fire from its mouth; during this, attacking it from behind is the best idea. However, the creature will use the strategy constantly, and will try to swoop behind Samus. If she is fighting in a wide open space with no ledges, it is easy for her to get behind the creature (this is done by rolling under it via the Morph Ball) as it erratically hovers around in the air. 20 missiles are required to destroy a Zeta Metroid.


  • The Zeta Metroid bears a resemblance to the titular Aliens from the film series of the same name, and is perhaps another reference to the franchise. This similarity is further highlighted with its redesign in Metroid: Samus Returns, as well as its debut, where it drools over Samus and lowering its tail before dropping down, in a clear homage to Alien.


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