"Chozo script translated."

This article's name is an unofficial translation from official Japanese media and may not represent the canonical English name, if one exists.
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Samus encounters several Zozoro-X.

Zozoro (ゾゾロ?) are small larva-type creatures that appear in Sector 6 of the Biologic Space Laboratories research station during the events of Metroid Fusion. They can be found crawling around on the walls, ceiling, or floor; if they are injured, however, they immediately drop to the floor and begin moving faster.

Zozoro bear a notable resemblance to Zero and have a similar-sounding name. Until Metroid: Other M established Zero as the larval form of the Kihunters, it was entirely possible that Zozoro were recently hatched, very young Zero. The change in Other M puts the relation between Zero and Zozoro in question.

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