Zurburats are a species of animals in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. They are quadrupeds and appear on Excelcion at the beginning of M07: Cauldron and during M15: Mother Lode. Because of their role in attacking the Federation Force during their mission to secure the Cargo Tram, they are potentially trained and/or created by Space Pirates. Alternatively, they could be Excelcion natives as well.

It is unclear if these creatures were artificially enlarged with the Pirates' Amplification Beam, or if they are naturally giants.


Zurburat trap

A Zurburat trapping a soldier.

When Zurburats are on the offensive, they briefly run around their target for before striking. A Zurburat's preferred form of attack is a lunge, which pins its prey to the ground and keeps it in place with its weight and claws. Similar to the way in which Metroids are fought in Federation Force, the creature must be shaken off. The game switches to a third-person perspective while the Federation Force soldier is trying to shake the Zurburat off. When they are caught and pinned down by a Zurburat, they receive a "Trapped!" score decrease of 200.


  • Zurburats share a number of similarities with wolves: they emit wolf-like noises, they move in small packs, and they run around their prey before lunging. The aforementioned traits are also present in Volfons, which may suggest a connection between the two species.

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